Sunday, November 23, 2008

Parisian Weekend

As we have started to realize that our time in Paris is rapidly coming to an end, we have made up our minds to "profiter"--essentially, make the most of--the time we have left. On Friday night, we went to the Louvre. It's the fourth time I've gone since I've been here, but I still feel like I have so much left to see there! Friday nights are cool, because anyone under 26 gets in for free, so it's pretty busy!

After that, we walked along Rivoli to reach the Champs Elysees, since Paris is officially decorated for Christmas. This picture is a street off of Rivoli. All the lights are so festive!

Last night, we had a nerdy, touristy evening, which is really unusual for us--but we figured, why not? We ate at a creperie restaurant, and then took a boat ride along the Seine. It ended up being more touristy than we would have liked (not surprising, of course), but we got some lovely pictures of the Eiffel Tower! Excuse the perspective on this one, but I was trying to get the water in, too...

Anyway, hopefully I'll be taking many more pictures around Paris in the next couple of weeks, which I will most certainly post!

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